help on motor clutch and kill switch?!?!


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Jan 12, 2011
Hi, I am installing my first motor on a bike I just finished building... I have a 48 cc 2 stroke and I have 2 concerns.

1. I dont really know in what manner to install the kill switch. should it be this way?
magneto blue to motor blue, magneto black to motor black.
kill switch blue to motor white, kill switch black to ground

2. I am concerned about my clutch. whether or not i pull on the clutch it seems the drive-train is always engaged. I got my engine unused from a friend who got it from his friend so I dont have a warranty. Since Ive had it the motor sprocket has always been engaged and i dont know how to free it up. Any suggestions? :-||

Thanks in advance.


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Sep 15, 2008
Littleton, Colorado
Here is a wiring diagram for you. I'm not a fan of using the white wire for anything. Insulate it so it can't come in contact with any metal then use the method in the diagram.

Now for the clutch. You probably don't have the clutch cable tight enough. You want no slack at the end of the cable at the engine. It needs to be snug, night tight, but snug. The clutch spring is stronger than most newbies think and takes more force to disengage the clutch than you'd assume. Try wrapping a rag around the clutch actuator arm on the engine and pressing it inward, toward the engine with all your strength. Sometimes the clutch pads are stuck and will require a little work to get them to free up. Try adjusting the cable first then get back to us if it doesn't work.


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Oct 18, 2009
I too had a problem with the clutch being stuck on my new 80cc engine.After trying all the sugestions I could find on this forum , still no luck.So, many thanks to Creative Designs for their animated anopoly of how the clutch system works I was able to take the big gear off and put it in the vise where I was sucessful in breaking it loose.While I had the gear out I put a drop or two of oil on the tiny bearings, cause they felt kinda gritty.After putting the gear back on and adjusting the clutch plate with the star nut and installing the lock screw I put the cover back on.Next I put the other cover on that has the clutch actuator on it and I discovered that it would'nt go all the way on without depressing the clutch plate.Only one thing could cause that and it was that the dowel pin was too long.I ended up having to grind about .200 off the lenght of it.Went ahead and put the cover on and now the clutch works like a dream.I'm thinking that you guys that have a hard to pull clutch handle,slipping clutch,the problem might just be that dowel pin is too long. Hope this helps somebody.