Help Needed for Tomar Hole shot Clutch

Discussion in 'Morini Bicycle Engine' started by yang, Sep 5, 2015.

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    I am trying to install a Tomar clutch into a Denardis 65cc liquid cooled engine. I talked to the guys at Quartermaster and they said the Tomar for the KTM engine fits the specs for the Denardis and to use the .010 thrust washer instead of the .025 thrust washer. I followed the instructions and installed the clutch. However I am having trouble getting it to hit hard. I have tried 4 different adjustments on the screw settings doing 1/4 turn increments. Im not sure how to measure air gap and could use some advice as to how it is done . I also was wondering if the shim that goes in between the drive hub and the friction plate should be used. I would appreciate your help and advice, Thanks Andrew
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    Measure the spring heights. and make sure they are all the same.

    Here is the manual:

    Air gap measurement instructions are on the second page.

    I found that castrol transmax for Honda automatic transmissions was the best fluid for that clutch.
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    What rpm is it engaging?

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