Help!! Engine won't idle!


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Jul 26, 2008
Twin Cities, MN
So I was riding back from Menard's yesterday when my 4-stroke suddenly stopped idling. Any time I slowed down it would simply die. Then when I tried to pull start it it would lurch forward and die again. I normally always keep the clutch in per Hough's instructions to avoid sheering any of the gears in the box, but to get it home I had to start the engine without the clutch in, get up to speed, and then squeeze the clutch. It would jerk a little and almost die but then the engine would push the bike up to normal speed. What would cause this?! Any ideas? Now that its warm here in MN my bike is my primary mode of transportation!


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Apr 28, 2009
Do you have a way to raise the back tire off the ground and crank it? It sounds like your clutch is acting up, if it is not the carb and idle screw. The tire shouldn't move when cranking. If it is, it should only be the idle or the clutch. Have you removed the gear cover to see if anything might be stuck in the clutch bell?


Jun 8, 2009
Salisbury East
I agree with The 26incher the slow speed jet is blocked Take the carby off take off the float bowl the main jet is in the centre of the float the slow jet is next to it unscrew it clean in out put it all back together see how you go please get back to me let me know how you went thanks mick29

Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Before this one goes off the track....does you engine seem to stay engaged when stopping, or does this seem like a running problem.
Do the four stroke engine carbs you guys have even HAVE a low speed jet?