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  • Sorry, it has been a long time since I've been to this site. If you haven't found what you needed, please let me know. I can get you the info on the rectifier if you still need it.
    howdy civlized. your build with the automatic atv engine is something i'm gonna do, ...... but after i perfect my gx50 line. to do that i'm tryng to build a rectifier to step up the current from my gx50 to charge a battery. so i'm wondering where you bought your replacement rectifiers?!! they go from 6v to 12v right? if you can tell me i'd really appreciate it!!
    wow, this is cool. Just went to write you and told me "Last Activity: Today 05:17 PM
    Current Activity: Viewing Thread welder"

    Any way, just wanted to say thanks for the advice. Gonna be fun! Hurricane got a bit cranky, but all good.

    They were out of skull helmets! I really wanted that one but Carol hated it. So I wanted it more lol. She and I sort of mock fight. Hard to explain.

    Any way, be well and our very best to you and yours.


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