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Nov 25, 2008
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Hello everyone I need some help with choosing a cheap 50 to 80cc engine kit for one of
my next builds Im planning on. Does anyone know were i could get one for cheap?
the cheapest Ive seen is this oneZoombicycles Motor Bicycle Engine Kits - Bicycle Engine Kits
plus its has free shipping for the canada (were I live) and it comes with everything I need.

scratg all i have to do now is find an old bike in the scrap yard.
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Bikeguy Joe

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Jan 8, 2008
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I also wouldn't waste my money for a "Limited edition kit" the "regular" one looks pretty good for the will want to do something different with the tensioner, like mount up a skate board wheel instead of the one that comes with the kit.


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Jan 15, 2008
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I go along with all joe said... I personally adjusted my rear wheel for the motor chain and put the tensioner on the bike chain since there is very little stress on it there.

I never had any more problems after that


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Jul 21, 2008
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I also wouldn't waste my money for a "Limited edition kit" the "regular" one looks pretty good for the price.....
in the not-so-distant past, there were some problems that only afflicted the powerking 'standard' kits (and i am in no way suggesting zoom had any of them. just a fact about powerking):

throttle and clutch cables too short. meaning, the length of the cable from the ferrule (metal end of cable housing) to end of either cable wasnt long enough. another trip to the bike shop to buy a brake cable to replace the clutch cable, and as far as the throttle cable....forget it.

those also, were shorter. made it really tough to get a nut on. had to do alot of bending of brackets to work.

imagine holding a frisbee in your hands. now, twist each hand just a little in the opposite direction from one another. yeah. that caused all kinds of people nightmares, because the chain would bind and tighten up on one side, and fall off completely on the other.
a remedy, was to file or grind down much of the teeth to take some of the width off.

now, those problems seem to have been remedied a couple months ago, but they never happened with the Limited kits.
Limited have chromed dished sprockets, chromed idler pulley brackets, and in-line fuel filters. standards do not.
in addition, the Limited kits have longer cables, so if you want to install apehangers they should work.

DAX has excellent motorkits for around the same price. there arent any surprises with him. A-1 product/service.

you're looking to go inexpensive, yeah?
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