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Mar 22, 2017
Red Deer Alberta
.trkFinally I Joined! After Almost 8 Years of Reading and Many Updates Modifications to a Bike. I Refer to as The Red Monster. I Started with a Nice Nirve Switchblade.
A Kings Motor Kit. Then Port Matched Intake & Exhaust. Larger Carb. Long Foo Foo Exhaust.
Lights Powered with a 12 Volt Gen. And a Honda Trail 50 Seat Grafted to the Bike Seat.
I have the Monster on GPS @56 Khm. Not Real Good on Fuel at High Speeds! But Fun!
After Riding Law Abiding for about 8 Years. I Got Ticketed for $4200. Stopped Riding.
Now I'm going Law Abiding Electric Riding. Hope You all Enjoy the Monster Pictures.
I Will Post Pictures of the New Build in the Electric Forum.
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Feb 13, 2009
British Columbia Canada
Hi Ratfink64,

I've advised people on here for years that if your in Canada you are in line for for up to $5,000 in fines for operating an unlicensed, uninsured motor vehicle if you have a gasoline engine on a bicycle.. Federal law in Canada.

Only electric bikes not over 500w and not over 32 Km or 20mph. You just hit a police officer who knew the law. Sorry to hear it happened to you.