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    Wish I found you guys about 2 yrs ago. My 1st project has been done for over a yr and I'll be starting on #2 shortly. I also have a Schwinn mtb with a hub-motor - works ok, but wasn't fast enough uphills and inefficient w/o motor integrated into bike gears.

    Project #1: Electricpowered recumbent bike (technically a scooter - pics attached- battery not in pics, but goes in backpack on rack). Built to hall my butt 18miles to and from work. Needed to be faster than my car (in traffic). Total commute by ebike = 36-40minutes (includes lights / stop signs / etc...); commute by car = 40-65minutes (the variation KILLS me).

    Main Stats:
    Top Speed: 45mph on flat - 54 on downhill
    Typical cruising speed: 35-38mph
    HP: 2.1
    Peak HP: 3.2
    Mileage to date: 8,000 miles

    Over 9 months made 4 versions with various motors, controllers + home-made gearing; final set-up includes:

    1) Modified BMC 24v 600w motor - tore out internal controller and use a controller from Castle Creations (ICE 80hv). This is used for high powered RC planes and helicopters - MUCH more powerful w/ data logging.
    2) 36v / 40amp LiFe battery pack
    3) gear "drive" from EcoSpeed

    Only problem I had w/ current set-up was a snapped chain, which forced me to ride my 80lb bike 6 miles.

    Project #2: with all the spare parts I've accumulated, I'd like to build an ultra light (under 40lbs) and ultra quite e-mountain bike. Sickbikeparts seems to have some key parts.

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    That is awesome, I love it! Welcome to the forum alt commuter glad you joined us.
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    Howdy Alt, welcome.

    Great build

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