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    I just bought a WestCoastChopper bicycle , and would like to put a motor in it (wondering what is best). I know almost nothing about bicycles, but I know lots about motorcycles. Just built a full size chopper with a 107 S&S motor and a yr ago rode it a 1000 miles in a day and a half back from Sturgis. So I ought to be able to motorize this WCC bike. I notice that one of your members is doing this on the very same bike.

    Anyway I have a friend who rides choppers (full size motorcycle). Well, a few yrs back he was hit on his chopper and lost his leg. So when we go to Sturgis (he has this little motor bike that he gets around the campgrounds - that way he doesn't have to fire up his Bourget Magnum chopper to visit other camps there). Seemed like a good idea and I would like to have one.

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    Welcome from California!
    I have seen a few WCC style bicycles on this forum that have been improved with a 2-stroke engine.
    Look around and check this place out. The knowledge here is amazing.

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