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    I'm new here and have become very interested in building and/or customizing motorized bikes. I collect all original vintage middle weights and currently have seven including a 1930s tricycle, 1958 AMF Firestone 500 II in mint condition, 1950s Shelby Airflow, 1962/63 J.C. Higgins Flightliner, 1953 AMF Satellite, 1960s Schwinn Hollywood, and 1960s Schwinn America. I'm considering the flightliner for the motor. I know so little about motors that I decided the best place to learn would be from a motor bicycle forum; so here I am. I would appreciate advise on best motors in the $200 range, best frames to mount them on, etc. I live near a thrift store that has a slew of mountain bikes that are never priced over $20 and are in generally good shape - flat tires and a good tune up would fix them up easily. I'm considering buying several rat them out, add a motor, and sell them. Advise is helpful here too. Thanks for your help in advance. I'll be posting pics soon.
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    Hello ratdad, welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.

    I would go with the type of bike you like, if you like cruiser...build a cruiser. If you like Mt. Bikes then build a Mt. Bike.

    Here is a basic frame dimensions that are needed for the Chinese 2-stroke in frame and a photo diagram below.

    Most 24" or 26" bicycle with diamond frame and horizontal top tube should have sufficient space to mount motor.

    As far as the best motor, I'd just pick a vendor with great customer service.

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