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    Hello all. I am dying to start my first build. I've been following this website for quite a while now and am totally motivated to get started. I intend to place whatever order is necessary Tuesday night.

    So...can someone tell me their thoughts on the following;

    My desire is to build a cruiser for my first. It obviously seems like the model to start with. Please tell me what bike and what engine marrys up with the least trouble. As my first build I want it to be my schooling on MB building. No hassles, just fun.

    Thanks all, I like this forum and am looking forward to your responses.

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    Welcome to the forum.
    I would usually recommend a single speed mountain bike or cruiser with a steel frame for a first build. In the Bay area, you will probably want a multi speed bicycle to help you up the hills. A front brake is a must in the Bay area too (due to hills and moisture).

    I wouldn't get choosy on any certain brand of bike. It does need to be in good mechanical shape with true wheels. Yard sale bikes are OK.

    I have a 2 stroke, in frame china motor, but rack mount motors and 4 strokes work good too. The four stroke may be better for climbing hills. Good luck.

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