Hello from Pittsburgh!



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Nov 19, 2008
pittsburgh, pa
Hello everyone,
I just discovered this site a few weeks ago and am amazed by the vast amount of information it offers.

I've been contemplating a motorized bike for some time...and I think I'm ready to commit!

I bike a great deal and have been, off and on, since I was a kid. At the end of it all, I'm looking forward to a more efficient and less expensive way to get about town.

Right now, I'm just gathering information in hopes of deciding which motor to get. As well, I'm hoping to locate some local assistance as the install process is a bit intimidating to me.



May 25, 2008
Hi lisa, welcome.

The installing will heighten your confidence and you always have us, the band of half a bubble off plumb folks to back you up. Mounting is a lot easier than one would think. You can do this!
I would suggest buying a kit from one of the good folks. There are a bunch. ThatsDax is great. I have not dealt with bikeberry but they are well regarded and I live close to bluecoller.

Do you want inframe or rack mount? 4 stroke is larger and more $ but better for vibration and ease of operation then a 2 stroke. A 2 stroke has a better weight to power ratio and is getting cheaper all the time.

Read a bunch and you will get a feel for what fits you right. Ask a bunch of questions, this is really fun with a bunch of really good folks. Again, welcome
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