Hello from new site sponsor speedy66.com

Dec 11, 2014
Just wanted to introduce ourselves. Over two years in the making we now have our own line of in house 2 and 4 stroke kits. We also carry the full line of excellent Ignite kits built to our specs. We offer many industry exclusives like 8mm front AND rear motor mount studs as well as 8mm cylinder studs. Please come check out the site, we will be constantly offering new performance and reliability solutions for not only our motors but all the common industry sizes. There are specialty pages such as Cranbrook specific kits and parts, certified speed motors, DIY bikes, race parts, and more. On the home page you will find links to entertaining videos along with demos and help topics. Before you leave check out one of our build galleries, this is all built upon the experience of over 200 builds.
And last but not least my favorite part, the quest for speed. One of our big goals is chasing a land speed record at Bonneville with a kit motor, hence my user name. Thru the site we offer porting and motor building services. We have many reliable 40 + mile per hour motors on 44 tooth rear sprockets and our two fastest bikes to date show 63 and 68 miles per hour on the bike speedometer and GPS. Once we are matching and passing the two faster bikes I have seen we will post videos with GPS proof of what we are doing in our own quest for a record.
Any thing I can ever do to help anyone on here please p.m. me I will do anything I can.

Happy motoring!!!