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Nashville Geoff

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Jul 29, 2008
I've been lurking & building, for several weeks now... Below is a post that I put on the DIY forum.

I'm an old gear-head, built/restored many motorcycles, and have a fairly well-equipped shop. I ran a HT 80cc kit on an old cruiser frame 'til the frame snapped in two places- Shouldn't have drilled holes in the frame, I'm sure.
Anyway, going in a new direction. I picked up a very nice Giant ATX 760. It's a very light 20 inch frame with 26" wheels, 21 speeds, and no suspension. Bought a front suspension fork off of eBay. Looking for a suspension seatpost.
Got a Shindaiwa 62cc blower motor in great shape. I've found that the motor is supposed to make almost 4 hp, before I start modifying it.
What I want to do is install the engine mid-frame, and jackshaft over to the front derailleur. I love the idea of using the gears.
There is no clutch with this engine- a four bolt flywheel/hub assy. to bolt to the blower fan is there.
What sort of clutch would you suggest? How best to lay out a jackshaft? How to mate with the front derailleur? I want to do this RIGHT. I want to fab some great motor mounts that will be kind to the chromoly frame.
As the project unfolds, I'll post photos... I don't want to reinvent the wheel; I'd rather just roll what I've got, at MAXIMUM VELOCITY! Thanks, ~Geoff, from Nashville, TN

Anyway, I'm having a 2nd childhood on this forum, and look forward to being a contributing member. Ride safe, ~Geoff