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    hi everyone-i reaserched this board for over a year before choosing a staton robin eho35 friction kit for my 20 year old hoopty mountain bike. i am very happy with it and dont understand why more people aren't doing this. i recently found a dimension edge mitsubishi tle 43 kit for an old recumbant e-bike on craiglist so i put the staton on my son's mongoose and am adapting the dimension edge to my old bike. i fabricated motor support straps for it and had it running today! my wife got on the motorized mongoose and we went around the neighborhood together. i still need to find a way to shorten the engagement lever cable on the d.e. kit if possible. my favorite mod is the $20.00 wal mart gel seat. thank you for so much good advice and knowledge that helped my kits to be successfulxct2
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    welcome to the forum.

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