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    This forum is great. I've been using it for the past week or so as I prepared and have now mostly mounted a motor from zoombicycles on a hybrid bike I picked up on craigslist. Norm's post on fixing your clutch was a lifesaver. Unfortunately I seem to have hit a snag that I can't find a straight answer to. I've got just about everything mounted, but the exhaust is giving me trouble because the pedal crank hits it significantly (far more than a little bend or dent would do). I don't have any equipment or talent in pipe bending so I'm looking for another solution. I found that if I flip the exhaust around (so it is pointing upward) it seems to fit well enough. I realize this will blow smoke in my face, so I was thinking I could clamp some heat resistant tubing on there to direct it backwards. Would this work or would pointing upward screw up the muffler? If it doesn't work, what do people suggest? I'm eager to get this bike moving so my wife can keep the car when I go to campus.

    Lots of thanks in advance,

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