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Luis Rosa

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Jun 16, 2017
Hello to all of you here in this forum. I am Luis Rosa, Portuguese, living in Germany for some years now.

I Have an old MTB (Giant Terrago), and have just bought an 80cc kit for it (still waiting for delivery).

I have some news regarding legislation in Germany, for those interested: The motorized bikes are called "Mofas", and for youngsters from 15 to 18, require some sort of special lessons from the driving schools. Adults with E.U. car drivers license are authorized to drive Mofas. Every Mofa should have a public liability insurance - this is mandatory.

I will be actively searching in this forum for information on assembly and optimization for reliability of the 80cc Chinese motor (I know that Chinese stuff is very sketchy in terms of reliability and quality control, but have recently found some nice RC toys that make the best, not-so-cheap-but-not-so-expensive hobby, so decided also to give a try to the motor for bikes).


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