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    Jan 12, 2013
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    Fairly new to the MB community. I want to go on long rides. I have gone on some 20 mile rides, and that is cool but I want to go on a LOOOOONG RIDE! 300 miles +. Any tips, suggestions, maps, links would behelpful? What should I do to my MB. I have a 68 schwinn tiger that worked really well with a china kit.

    I have:
    engine kit set up (flying horse 2 stroke 80cc)
    heavy duty rims (amazon)
    strumey archer dyno break hub 6V
    rear view mirrors
    cree xml t6 head light 12V

    I feel I should:
    get a spring fork (vintage preferably or vintage style)
    spring seat post
    larger gas tank (4L on ebay)
    turn signals/ brake lights
    figure out how to connect my rechargeable cree xml light to my strumey acher dyno hub 6V (????)
    rear brake drum (bikeberry)
    change the gas lines?
    there are a lot of performance parts on bikeberry.com

    any suggestions?

    thanks guys!


    p.s. anyone know where i can get one of these to pull the kids
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    Dec 18, 2012
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    I dont recommend a pull along unless you consider breaking power extreamly seriously. Especially with precious cargo!
  3. "the prussian" Shop Dogs

    Jul 15, 2009
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    Spring fork yes ,seat post no..i think they lead to broken spokes on rear rim.
    I would slime the tubes and your gona need some tools for bike and motor.
    Deff. Have a good light system, just off the top of my head i'd bett you can use the strumey as a charging circut for light. It will be a trickle charge but prob work?
    As for routeing and maping its all in the prep work .i used to cross wisconsin back in my peadling days and always had a better time when i had done some recon before hand and knew were i was at all times. Dont trust any thing electronic to work 100% bring a map!
    Some paneers are a must ,and a good lightweight bivy setup . Don't forget to bring a hamock ,there a wonderfull way to catch a nap durnig a rain break and keep you off. The ground 24-7 .
    Prob most of all have a good bale out plan ,tell family were your off to and check in reg.
    Theres like a thousand things and its a little overwhelming at first but some plaing at home goes a long way on the trail.
    Lucky you have a leg up i never had ,the forum , good advice and potentialy some riding partners or help in case of mech prob.
    Hope some of this is helpfull ,i be glad to help any way i can . Good luck
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    Dec 19, 2011
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    Consider all the advice given by all who've given answers here. You said you've been on 20 mile trips so make your next trip 50 miles, then 100 miles, then 200 miles and finally 300 miles. Is your goal a 300 mile round trip or 300 mile destination? This will determine what plans you need to make. Either way consider what you've learned from the shorter trip as how to prepare for your next longer trip.

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