hello all how do i best run in my 2 stroke



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Jan 9, 2009
Perth Australia
hi im eagerly awaiting delivery of my first 48cc 2 stroke engine kit ,how do i best run it in synthetic oil or not can i put it on blocks and free wheel with some resistants you have a great site and i have allready picked up some great tips. cheersdnut


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Nov 19, 2008
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Welcome to the forum.

Be sure to clean out your Gas tank very good before installing also be sure to run a good inline fuel filter.

Just like any other new two stoke or 4 stroke motor break in is important. I would recommended using REGULAR 2 stroke oil for the first 2 tanks to give the Rings a chance to seat Personally i run a MIX of 20:1 for the first two tanks the motor won't have the best performance at that mixture but will run good enough thru brreakin.

Make short runs at first allowing the motor to warm up before riding then ride a mile or two at first then shut it down and let it cool off. Make sure to use Variable RPMs during break in not too much wide open throttle. (WOT)

After the first two tanks i drop the mix to 32:1 synthetic, replace the fuel filter and spark plug as they may be oily from the breakin mix.

Your 2 stoke will generate more power as the break in continues.

if you check out the (-----> link)Pre-Motorized Bicycle Information. - Motorized Bicycle at Motorized Bicycle Forum section of the forum you will find a bunch of preinstall information and many pieces of good advice for your first build.

Good luck and don't be afraid to post a thread for help there are many great people, builders and engineers around.


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Jan 8, 2008
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Yep, vary your throttle position and engine speed. Don't run it too slow or "bog it down" Don't run downhill with the throttle completely closed as this will starve the engine of fuel/oil mix (actually, you should never do that, even after break-in). After the first 15 minutes or so, as HC said, don't be afraid to rev that sucka! just don't get carried away.