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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by petrochico, Nov 2, 2011.

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    New guy from Chico, Ca here. I bought a 'assembled 4 stroke bike ' from a sponsor on this great site. I do have a few questions I need answered:
    How do I take off the black cover on the gear box, it has 4 black plastic buttons on it.
    The chain sometimes 'brushes' the rear tire, my fix is to move the 'tension assembly' over a wee bit. Yes, the motor is tight to the frame per directions from the 'builder'.
    I have noticed bright metal fillings on the external gear area of the gear box. Why?
    AND: sometimes the gear box makes a 'bell' sound while warming it up.
    Yes I know I should contact the 'builder', but in the past their communication has been very poor.
    Great fun to ride though! I just need a little help from you folks.
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    Chain tension is a concern always.

    What kind of gear is on the wheel if you don't mind.

    If it is one of those which sandwich on the spokes then it could be miss-aligned.

    However, this is a hobby of hands on. It's on us to maintain our safety and yes you will get into your bike modifications.

    I am looking at building a new chain tensioner. My chain runs within an inch from the tire side-wall and i would like to improve the tracking of the chain travel myself.

    So it is possible you simply need to tighten the chain tension or maybe need a better chain tensioner.

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