Heat Wave, Had to take a winter cruise



New Member
Oct 21, 2008
Urbandale Ia
We have had a pretty brutal winter so far. Alot of snow and the coldest temps. we have had in 15 years, 24 below zero one morning a couple weeks ago. So today, when the mercury rose to a whopping 46 degrees I had to get the black bike out for a little cruise. I have made alot of changes to it this winter and wanted to check a few things out. Turns out I have a few bugs to work out. I put a headlight and tailight on it and when I flipped the switch it killed the engine, so apparently i'm drawing to many watts. Surprised me since I have a 1 watt 6 volt bulb in the headlight and a small l.e.d. in the taillight? Who knows?
Anyway is was fun cruising the nieghborhood, dodging the slick spots and slush. I am ready for spring!