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    Hey Guys: I'm new to this site and I'm hopeing to find new ideas and tricks in motorizing mb's, I've been riding motorized MB's now for 5 1/2 years, useing motors off pocket bikes (first build on my Kona),Chainsaws of many brands(without the blades),weedeaters (very weak and short lived) and my last custom build averageing 100 miles a week for the past two years a 49cc 2 stroke Suzuki from a 1986 JR 50 Trail Bike, I hope to gain information on jack shaft ideas, and I would also like to save anybody time and grief with information on what I've came across on some of my many builds and set-ups, witch I will post in future posts. with that said I am now going see if this is working right and try posting some of pics of my work, Cheers,
    Hankmanpei (bodyman/painter extrodanaire)
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    Welcome to the forum, glad you joined us.

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