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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I got that yesterday...for $90 @ 10am, sold it to a "guitar expert" for $220 @ 7:30 pm.

He thought he was dealing with an amatuer, lol.
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Jan 19, 2020
Republic of Newfoundland
Hey Mr.Bassman! (I know, that song refers to the vocalist).

I started on guitar, then my brother and his friends needed a bass player, so I got one (60 something Hagstrom ) to join the band.
The first thing I ever played live in front of an audience was Cat Scratch Fever, and we did a lot of Thin Lizzy, Ac/Dc, Godz, like a set of each and a few others. I played bass until I was 18, then I decided I "needed a guitar to be able to write songs". Funny thing was, by then I was in my second band doing all originals, (late 70's punk band) and had been "writing songs" for two years.
Now among my 20-ish guitars is a Harley Benton P bass "replica' '56-ish with the single coil. I call that one "Thud". (lovingly)
<drummer who wanted to get out from behind the kit once in a while.