gt80 problems solved hi im crazy mike

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    hi im mike ive solved the gt80 bog issues and then some shes doin 45mph easy first thing its a high compressin so needs lots of fule bend your float tab up just a little good air filter exspansion chamber idel out 3 air mixte er at two out seal up that little metel tab thtat covers the hollow spot for the choke they all vaqcume leak this is the reedvave clone run your gap at 34 if your high compression 22 if your stock needel clip in the center make sure all crank case and head bolts are cranked down 4once per gal premium yes the gt80 can scream this is my 4th build all with the gt80 reed valve clone.o yeah most important thing hd litening steals the show there is no compairison gotta have it makes the gt80 run like a raped ape
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    What size Sprocket are you running? And what do you call high compression. Each engine is different, adjustments need to be made for each engine.
  3. Potato_In_Exhaust

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    45mph with only a reed valve, basically? Yeah right.
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    Mike good to hear you got yours figured out, however your set up probably won't work for everyone. I've built several over the years that run great with just a few little modifications and some that need a lot of help, the one recommendation that helps the most is do one change at a time, that way if it doesn't help you know what's wrong.

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