Greetings from Palm Harbor FL


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Aug 4, 2008
Greetings: My name is Bob, I recently got interested in motorizing my bike, (here's how) I had to fire my lawn maintenance guy because he just wouldn't DO RIGHT. I went to thrift store and bought a Craftsman lawnmower $20.00, then I got a weedwhacker (Ryobi) and some attachments to cut my lawn. Thennnnnnn I got to thinking this little Ryobi is a beast of a motor,, "if I could rig this thing on my bike I could have a blast riding it around.... Then I googled bicycle engines,,, My head still hurts from reading stuff, anyway I am a tinkerer and pretty "mechanical"--I always say "I can fix anything".

So I bought a 66cc kit from Bygofast, should get it in a few days then the real fun begins...

Thanks for this site I have learned alot so far just lurking here..I will post pix when I get my project started... just wanted to say HI...