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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by GMulhollan, May 26, 2009.

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    Hello motorized bike folks!

    I ran across your excellent forum while searching for information on my soon-to-be Chinese 2-stroke motorized mountain bike. I thank in advance all the contributors for their excellent, sometimes varying, but always entertaining information, particularly on how to get started on the right foot, so to speak. So in order for a good kit install are:

    0. Wash, clean and lube the usual suspects on my bicycle
    1. New tires/tubes/liner for the wheels; check spokes, etc.
    2. Strip off the accessories living in the frame to make room for the engine
    3. Follow the install instructions: especially replace bolts to trusted grade
    4. Break in with LawnBoy ashless 2-stroke oil (I have a can left over from a mower, now gone)
    5. Go to synthetic post-breakin.
    6. Have fun! (safely of course)

    I will retain my Equus speedometer/odometer to keep me honest on holding the speed down on breakin. Once running satisfactorily, I plan to take my 'new' wheels to work so I can do short parts runs to the nearby shops in the summer and not come back completely soaked…it gets a wee bit warm in central Texas during the summer!

    The real appeal for me, though, is getting to tinker with and understand an even smaller, simpler engine than my motorcycles (Vulcan 800, Maxim 700), VW bug, etc. Plus, I learned to ride on an old 1950's Vespa scooter in the 70's and that magic 2-cycle smoke has pleasant memories tied to it.

    Greg M.
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    welcome to the forum.
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    Howdy Greg, welcome

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