Gotta Thump My Own Drum 1st OCC Chopper Build


Sep 1, 2010
Oklahoma City, Ok. 73118
I had a guy come to me with a Schwinn OCC Chopper bike that was in pretty rough shape, head needed tightened, bearings in both wheels were dry, seat all funked get the picture.

He handed over the bike, $300 cash and said get her motorized...and I did. He said fix things...and I did.he said get a new seat...well, they're expensive, so I learned to reupholster...

I attached a few before and after pics. f you want to see the entire detail of the build I have an album here on my FaceBook page.

This was my first Chopper build of any kind. I've done Mountain Bikes, Cruisers, and Hybrids...but never a chopper. It was also the first time I've ever reupholstered a seat...which I think came out pretty good...

What do Yall think? I got almost every bit of info on the issues I would run into, here...on this forum. Thanks guys...some of you sold me a few of the parts I needed, and MANY gave me advice through this forum, so THANKS guys, I LOVE it that you love it enough to post about your builds and other hot rodding a China Doll, which I've done through this forum also.