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May 27, 2008
of all the different frames that are a v shaped , mountain bikes , cruisers ; I would like some input on the different ways the chengines have been installed to reduce vibrations! I have done three builds. my first build was a little rough at first but with 1400 miles on it now it runs real smooth. I did put a 1/4" piece of rubber on the rear mount between the seat post and motor anf on the front mount (oversized down tube) I used a adapter plate and a u-bolt with a thin piece of fiber rubber and have very little vibes. the second build was a hybrid trek used the same mount technique for the rear and the front , I was able to use the motor mount directly to the frame and used the thin piece of rubber. at about 26-28 mph there was alot of vibration. and on my latest project on a cruiser I used a thin piece of closed cell rubber foam sticky back tape to mount the rear and a piece of 1/4" fiber rubber in the front . I have some vibrations at low speeds and alot of vibes at higher speeds. Iam hoping after a few 100 miles on it it will calm down. so I was just curious as to what kind of mounting methods are really out there, and a census as to what works best. ( a good seat will work wonders also)

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Jan 8, 2008
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I used four pieces of lead sheet. One each front and rear between the mount and frame, and one each between the clamp and frame.

No more vibes.

Also, make sure you have good contact between frame and mounts, if you have to "bed" them in with PC-7 or JB Weld to make up for any discrepancies in angle.