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    hey guys i new to MB and want to get a kit are the one on ebay any good i hope so because i only got 200 to spend so could any body give a link to a good bolt on kit for under 200brnot
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    Welcome to the forum.

    Have a look around and all your questions will be answered.

    Yes, you can buy a decent kit on ebay...where else?
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    Welcome to the forum.
    For $200, it looks like a kit off FleaBay. There are a number offered, and truthfully are all about the same. With some minor modifications out of the box, and proper instillation, I'm sure that you will get many miles out of one. There are many members that swear by them. I have my original bike built in 2009, and have not had any engine trouble with it. Haven't had to put a wrench to it since built.

    Pre instillation tips.

    There are two sellers on FleaBay, that I don't buy from (personal reasons), so I won't recommend them. In my opinion this is a pretty good engine.

    There are some Buy it now auctions, at less then $160.00
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