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  • Ron,
    I want to personally Thank You for sharing you knowledge & experiences with China Girl motors. Your pictorials on Photobucket are informative & educational, as are the Google Documents you share online. On behalf of the collective community of motorbikers & enthusiasts here on Motorbicycling-dot-com, I extend gratitude & appreciation for your efforts.
    Go forth & be Awesome,
    Hello, just saw your post about the carburator tubes. What did you mean, about the carb? I ask cause I'm installing the same one this Saturday.
    These and alot more are on Photobucket, use the Direct link code, I put Fish Gif. in the search
    [IMG] <--I like Lake Michigan Cohos
    Contrary to what some people believe, I feel that the boost bottle helps. This is not for speed but on the low end. After installing one we had to lower the idle down, about a turn or so. We couldn't believe either, that there would be a difference. I feel that the bottle has to match the engine cc...either a 49cc or a 66cc. Using Sch 40 for a 66cc and a dome not a flat cap the length of the sch 40 should be 3-1/8", using a flat cap 4-1/2". I have a very short hose, and I suppose that if you use a longer one you need to take that into consideration. There is no safety issues where to mount the bottle. Once I drill and tap the intake manifold, I grind off the nipple (at a angle in mine) so there is no protrusion into the passageway. When I have it where I want it I JB Weld the nipple in the manifold.
    re: Boost bottles. What has been your findings about size related to engine displacement? Has the length of hose seemed to change much (assuming minimum needed to mount the bottle safely, maybe difference of a few inches). I saw on a long thread about bbtls how one rider said he drilled out the brass nipples inside passages to the maximum. I don't know if it would make much difference, but I suppose it could.
    hey alf i need you to make me a motor mount...will be getting a new bottom end from Dax soon will get you the mesurments asap.i could do this myself if i hadent lost all my tools in my divorce!!!!LOL
    Please PM me, and I'll explain better. Yes I can make it. If in the US, pass phone # and I'll call you.
    hey im not so good with measurements but i really want that mount do you have any previous customer that had a cranny so you can just get the measure ments off of them?
    Hi Al, looking for a clutch roller kit, do you have one, how much? and do you do paypal? A good fix and thanks
    Welcome, should you purchase from me, many thanks. If not hopefully you can get helpful information that you can be of a benefit to you.

    Have a happy and safe riding experience
    Ron (AL.Fisherman)
    [email protected]

    Pre build and engine modifications
    This is a good reading for those that are new, and some not so new.
    Pre build and engine modifications.doc

    Items I have for sale
    Includes, clutch roller, ignition plug wire, custom mounts, and stud/nuts.
    Items for Sale.doc

    Clutch roller instillation instructions
    Clutch roller instillation instructions.doc
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