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Dec 6, 2008
North Woods
Very nice sjacome.I just got a Worksman News Boy.They've been making bikes in the USA since 1898.They told me that the News Boys is modeled after circa 1910 Indian motor cycle.They don't use bicycle wheels either.The first motor bike to hit 100mph was made by Schwinn about 1910.Good stuff.


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Dec 27, 2008
I would love to get hands on a worksman, i think it's the ideal bike to motorize and "boardtrack-it" too.
But i cant afford to ship one from the US to south europe. :-(. A nirve will have to do it.


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Dec 6, 2008
North Woods
I hear you.Worksman is on the east coast in New York and I'm on the west by Seattle Washington.I paid a good chunk for shipping.Ah well,I'm sure you'll do a great job on your bike.Have fun!!


Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
I wrote Worksman recently asking if they would sell just the frame and forks of the Newsboy
as though they were replacement parts. Still haven't heard anything back from them.

I'm wondering if there are frame makers in China who would build frames for bikes similar to
the Newsboy as if set up for their Chinese motors so builders could put together board trackers
or vintage builds. I've been shopping eBay for such and when I consider it may be as much as
70 years old I question whether it would be wise to build on it. (rust & corrosion issues)

This may be something that the vendors who read the post of this site to ponder. Could
a Chinese bike be build with that Newsboy style frame using the Monark springer front forks.
Recently on eBay a set of Monark forks (see below) would have cost me $120.00 dollars had
I continued to bid. A Newsboy type frame which was actually from a 1940's Columbia went
for over $150.00 dollars. That's a total of $270.00 dollars. A new Worksman Newsboy is around
$350.00 dollars. A guy could take the new Newsboy save the frame, head stock, and rims and
part out the rest on eBay and be ready to build if he wanted to pursue that course.

Yet if a Chinese build were offered as a basic cruiser with the Monark forks it would probably cost
around $150.00 It would likely sell quite well, and enable selling more engine kits too. The real
gain would be the builder would have a reciept from WalMart or whoever to present the Bureau
of Motor Vehicles to show that the bicycle wasn't stolen from someone. :D

I think you'd see a lot more Vintage Builds and more sales of vintage replica bike parts.

Below is a frame similar to the Columbia (it's an old schwinn with a front fork what's hardly safe
in it's present form) and the Monark springer fork.

By the time a person rolls $800+ dollars into a motorized bike he could have had any other
number of motorcycles with money left over. Some of the builders here are family men
and may have a hard time justifying a $1,000.00 dollar bike to their wife too.

So anyone doing business with the Chinese Bicycle Builders Market, please put this in front of
them. I'm sure they could build the Monark front forks quite easily there.

I'm sure a $150.00 dollar Newsboy look alike cruiser with a Monark springer on the front of it
with a $120.00 to $200.00 motor would be within most builders reach. The build could be a work in progress with other custom components added along the way.

Any thoughts ?
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Feb 13, 2009
British Columbia Canada
eDJ--You hit the nail on the head. Hard!
Being in Canada every thing we buy is 20/30% more due to the exchange rate.
Then UPS has to clear it through customs for a wildly jacked up fee.
The newsboy is ideal in my books.Super strong frame,they have a springer front end available very reasonable and in general for a lard bucket like me just about industructable.
Priced out about $650 with all the extras I feel I want. It will be to close to $1,000 by the time it gets here.Maby $1,2000. Put a hub motor on top of that because I want electric and it's at least $2.000.
I'm single and retired and can afford it but I can't justify that to myself let alone a family.
My guess would be whoever brings a frame/fork set up like that couldn't keep up for a while.I'd have a gas and electric if they were reasonable.
Also think of the just want an old looking bike bunch.