GEBE and Staton 3.11 box


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Jul 8, 2008
Sorry if this question has been answered ... I DID search! This is also my first post in this forum! So hello!

I am probably going to be using the Staton compact 3.11:1 ratio gearbox on my existing GEBE system. That is, I plan on removing the current GEBE drive and mounting the gearbox right on the mount straps. Anyone know of any caveats? The thing comes with a bracket that seems like it will work once I drill the holes to mate it up to the lower mount strap. Also, what about chain types? What advantages/disadvantages would there be to using #35 versus #40 or #41 chains? ... They do have a 72 tooth chain in #35 which might provide me more flexibility allowing me to attach different drive sprockets for my use, but is there a difference in quality with these two types of chains? What are the differences at all?

I am able to obtain ratios similar to my current GEBE system using readily available sprockets, so I am pretty sure I should be able to get this to work. I don't want to keep shredding GEBE belts with this beastly GP460 engine.