Gatesville TX


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Aug 2, 2008
Central Texas
Hi Im billintexas here.Running a kaluna moondog 7 spd 2.125 tires and the famous Stanton friction drive. Drive is robin suburu 33 cc with 7/8 " roller. Im not lite folks over 220lbs. And that thing plls me up some niffy hills going to work each day. Over 8 miles one way. Got over 600 miles on it and nary a burp outta that drive. It is ROCK SOLID.the tires well ive had 4 flats ALL were from spoke side. Finally got the skinny on taping em filing em and generally makin em smooth. Not lets see what goes from this point on. Ohh yes the milage is 150 or so per gallon.The tank is good for 25-30 miles for me.
Ride on folks be seeing you on the road!!!!!!!