Front Wheel Drive Bikes
Jul 22, 2008
I love how when you motorize the front wheel the possibilities are endless because you don't share with the pedal wheel. The drawback I would think especially with a 2 wheel bike is front weight.


Jul 8, 2008
Wayne National Forest
I've had my motor some time now but it was only back in July or so when I came here I could begin to get info to get it up and running. I bought it used and didn't get it very complete. Since, I've about found about everything I've needed, torn down the motor and gone thru it, mounted it on my regular cruising 5 spd Ross 27" bike. (for now) I've used that bike as a testbed for getting this project viable.

It weighs between 10 to 15 lbs and is most noticable at low speed or stopped as you don't have the gyroscopic dynamics of a spinning wheel which counteracts the weight somewhat when under way.

The only thing is that it doesn't have the "eye appeal" of a Chinese HT set up which gives the "motorcycle" appearance. (if that's something you value)

I can mount and dismount this motor in minutes now as I've rather well learned it foreward and backward. So my next build will be a replica of the first photo below only it won't have the 4 cycle motor in the lower frame and all the transfer stuff. I'll just set my motor on the front forks of the replica I'd build. Hopefully I'll have something to ride over to the Farmers Market.

The white plastic hood on my motor is the form Sears used to sell it in. Called a "Free Spirit" bike motor. Bike Bug, Aqua Bug are nearly the same thing without the plastic hood and all the mechanical components are exposed.(see the last photo) The white hood quietens it some and covers a long thin fuel tank like a string trimmer. It appears rather bulky to the general public by their first impression. The Bikebug uses a canteen styled fuel tank. I'm forever being asked about the gas milage and how much it all weighs ?

I've seen these types of motors since I was a kid and now (finally) I'm getting to do something I really wanted to do back then.


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Jul 22, 2008
Don't get me wrong I love frame mounts I have MOOP 2 to show but to the public eye they see a moped when you ride by them even though it's not but it's what is first registered in their minds.
But move the engine away from the frame then suddenly you see a BICYCLE with an engine assist.
The bike bug is probably one of the most "trail acceptable" gas engine kits out there for the relatively small size of the engine and the simplistic look to it all.
With my bikes,Cronus gets noticed the least because the engine's in back. The Buggy Bike gets a few sneers because they see a trike going over 15 mph constant speed.
But MOOP 2 the China 2 stroke used to get the most grief. I did open up the exhaust though but I used to get a lot of irate bikers before I quit riding it on the trails entirely.
I have a question for Large Filipino......You ride the trails .. (Bike trails) .. With an assisted bike? I haven't gotten up the " Noive" to attempt this yet. I have a 1953 Columbia bare frame bike with 65cc H time engine and also a stock Firestone 1965 light weight three speed "sport tourist" with a front wheel Bike Bug thats much less intrusive..... What do you think? Go for it??? Tom

Bikeguy Joe

Godfather of Motorized Bicycles
Jan 8, 2008
up north now
I'd try it with the BikeBug if you really need to ride the trails....mine was used exclusively by an 80+ year old guy to ride trails.

If you are talking about the kind of trails where you are not supposed to have a motor, use the bike bug....quiet, and quick and easy to "disengage".
I called the DMV here in WV and was told the following... If the sign reads No Motor Vehicles then I can ride because as far as DMV is concerned I'm not riding a motor vehicle. If I was they would require a tag and insurance etc. Now if the sign reads No Motorized Vehicles then its a no go ........ because that is what a assist engine is a motorized vehicle....When I ride I also clip my handicap parking tag on the front just so they know I'm handicaped...... Tom in WV
Jul 22, 2008
I second the bike bug. I'm rather sure no one's gonna bug you with that little engine except for tired out bikers screaming foul because you are less fit and way less tired.
The main thing for me is to ride slow and allow roadies to pass you by.
I cruise at pedal speeds on the trails. I NEVER wind it out.
You can also tell a roadie that does NOT want you passing them. You can clearly see them speeding up. When I see this I pull behind sometimes even stop and stretch my legs. I follow common courtesy always way more than other bikers. I've seen bikers cross intersections not slowing down not yielding I wonder how they have lasted this long on this earth. But you still see them with their attitudes about you.
But to the cop if they see you being courteous and riding slow they won't be bothered and may even just give you a wave.
So yea. Go for it. But don't pass anyone unless you are pedaling past them and ride slow. And shut down the engine when passing dogs and especially Horses.


May 25, 2008
I know it has been discussed but man I would really enjoy figuring out how to build a rotary engine inside the front wheel. Would "gyro" great. Make it a giant centrifugal clutch. I just can't figure out how to throttle.