Free spirit0.8 hp/ Tanaka bike assist motor. Qbm 23n. Air cleaner replacement?


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Sep 16, 2021
Hi!, I just bought my husband a Sears free spirit 3 wheel bike that has a 0.8 hp bike assist motor. It’s not running and I’m trying to find some replacement parts. It’s the Tanaka qbm 23n. So far I know I need the air cleaner assembly. Are there other air cleaners that will work? I’ve read other posts and I know that for the rubber wheel I can use a skateboard wheel. He’s been able to turn it over and it has compression. He hasn’t torn into it yet but so far the air cleaner cover and filter is the only thing I need. I have the back of the air cleaner, but if it’s easier to just replace the whole thing, that’s fine. I found 2 sites that have parts, but not those. Thanks!