"found" a motor GX31


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May 27, 2011
K... So, I was poking around in my garage today cleaning / throwing out stuff and came upon this. It a key part of a project I never got to and forgot about over 5 years ago... Its a waterpump powered by a Honda GX31 Now; I heard tell of some folks using these things but I have NO idea what the drive shaft setup on this thing is like, or if its even remotly usabable in our colective hobby / sport / obsession thingy... School me if you can.



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Jan 25, 2009
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The Honda GX31 is a fine little engine - less powerful than the GX35, but in my opinion, much better built. They have a standard mounting and mount the same as the Honda GX35, Subaru EH035, and a host of other similar size engines with a 78mm clutch drum.

They don't have much monetary value though. They usually only bring somewhere in the range of $50 to $100 used on feeBay and the like. I would guess that the value of the complete pump setup is easily twice that. The value of what you have is greatest as the complete pump.
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