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    Now going on it's second summer, and I'm starting a new one.

    Note the tensioner on the pedal chain, not the motor chain...I don't trust the factory tensioner,and it's less likely to fail on the pedal side. Since this pic I've modded the engine mounts to allow them to tension the chain..much cleaner and safer.

    In the processes of working out the bugs on this one I've discovered..

    1)the kit levers and throttle are garbage...a MTB twist grip shifter is the throttle now (ratchet removed) MTB brake lever for the clutch(tried a twist grip lever and a thumb lever..didn't like those) with a "noodle" at the engine for smooth operation.Dual lever for the brakes, with good pads on a V-brake front and old school servo ramp centerpull on the back.

    2)Vibration is a *****..crank arms fall off the spindle unless I use vibratite on the bolt, and the shortest, stiffest bar and stem are just tolerable.

    3) a V-brake arm makes a nice looking, low profile and light clutch lever, with suitable mods

    4) the top tube of a scrapped aluminum frame makes a nice glasspack muffler, in the Brooklands style
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    Welcome to the forum classicalgas, glad you joined us.

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