finally getting it together


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Nov 23, 2012
Neshoba co. Mississippi
So about 2 years? ago I think I had labrat pick me up a frame for a turn of the century style build. It's been a slow process and I even built it once so I'd have something to ride around on, but it had no style. Here recently I've had the drive to go and do the things I wanted to the frame before I said it was done.

Labrat mailed me a piece to put in a drop loop and thats about all I did to it before I stuck a motor on it. I just had no motivation to do anything else so I rode it around like it was till recently when we bought a house and there was an actual storage shed on the property, so I turned it into a shop.

here are some pictures of the long process.

Im having trouble uploading so Ill just post a reply with the photos