Feeling a bit guilty:


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Feb 6, 2010
I really meant to wish everyone here a Merry Christmas, or a Happy [whichever holiday you celebrate] but I got wrapped up in the moment (if you'll pardon the pun}. The kids kept me busy and I was hardly in the same room as the computer all day. Gifts were given and wrapping paper flew about like wind-blown snow. Fun was had.
And then I was busy with giving one final Christmas gift to the family - the kind of Christmas dinner I grew up with at my grandmother's house:
- roast duck with orange glaze (Grandma added wine, but I went with Grand Marnier.)
- rye stuffing with sage and butter
- fried potatoes (in fresh bacon grease)
- Bavarian-style sauerkraut (with apples and a bit of cinnamon)
- green beans with a German sweet & sour bacon sauce
- noodles with a cream sauce made with pan drippings and black pepper
And for dessert - marzipan stollen and apple strüdel.
And glühwein to drink (by the adults of course, the kids had juice).
The kids had hollow legs, but they after a while they finally seem stuffed. And there are very limited leftovers. Whew. That evening I just wanted to sit for a bit. I hope you all had much happiness and merriment, and knew at least one full day of peace. Wishing you all peace and love. A_W
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Jul 13, 2010
Happy Holiday to ALL!

I had a 9.2 lb Turkey on the Grill. Offset side coals and water drip tray.

Next time the brine I will make much weaker salt to water ratio. Better yet I may rig some kind of rotisserie so no brine necessary.