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    im Rob in CT.,Just pulled my bike out of the mothballs for the nice weather! Presently I am riding a schwinn skyliner with a standard N-70 kit,I hope to get another season or so from it,I have found another skyliner that is the same I picked up for nothing and am considering another build.
    While I am very content with the N-70 motor I would love to get some feedback on what other folks are using.such as the 49cc or the 80cc there really that much difference in these? who did you buy it from?
    is there anything I can do to beef up my n-70?
    I have noticed that you run out of throw in the clutch arm before the pad is shot,for the heck of it I put in a longer push rod and it seems to be fine again!!!

    I would love to see some new Ideas about paint,perhaps I will do somthing special on my next build.
    also Id love to find a pair of old style fenders.
    I dont want to babble too much I am just curious as to what others are doing,where I live there arent many of us!!!dance1

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