Fed up with my Poulan 33 Saw....



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Sep 21, 2008
Los Angeles,CA
Im finally throwing in the towel on the 33Poulan. It just doesn't have enough for my needs. I tried getting the most out of it and in turn im pretty sure it needs to be rebuilt know. When im riding it flat spots or sputters under load, if i lean the H screw in it runs okay but will overheat and seize after about 10min. until it cools down. Im going to pick up a 40cc Poulan tomorrow for $60 bucks which hopefully will have a bit more power. Not sure if the 33Poulan could just have a vacuum leak but i already tightened all screws and still same problem. So until im able to get my Honda GX50 i'll have to try and make these work for now.

So if your thinking of picking up a 33cc Poulan then better to look around for a 40 or higher. I think Craftmas is the same as the Poulan also.

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Jan 8, 2008
up north now
Is there a way to let it rev up more? I think it will tune easier and not overheat if it is allowed to rev, with a slightly richer top end mixture.


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Jul 22, 2008
Beverly, MA USA
I think you've got to run them rich. I was running my 31cc ryobi lean and it ran like crap, but then I adjusted the carb slightly rich and it ran a whole heck of a lot better.

and craftsman is made by poulan that I can confirm.



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Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
my craftsman special edition ran great till the drive shaft broke. If I did that again I would use the coaster hub as a friction drive and chain drive so as not to put stress on the drive shaft.

Or put a coaster hub onto the drive shaft and then get a wheel sprocket from the china bike kit. Or pick up a smaller bike sprocket from the scooter shop and weld it to the the gear on the clutch.. they have them. I don't think I would hang it from the side as I have done over the last year.
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