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    "Bridgestone rolls out an airless bike tire";


    I keep seeing articles on new kinds of bike wheels and tires. Has any one tried any?

    One of the first bits of advice I got here was from Dave, I think about airless tires not being great for MBs. But in different areas, flats are a big problem. So have always wondered about the air-less.
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    I haven't heard about the bike tires, but Michelin has also developed that type of tires for off road equipment such as forklift etc.. Michelin's version is called "tweels", it includes both the tire and rim. You destroy one, you buy both. From my Michelin expert, he said the savings is in down time, as mentioned no flats. When it comes to changing a tire, one comes off, the other goes on. No time spent taking off the old tire and replacing it with new.

    The Department of Transportation has laws against highway use, but I have heard that they are in test use in Europe. All of this info comes from a salesman and is second hand based on my memory, But I will shoot him a copy of this link and ask if I am correct, and if he knows anything about the bicycle tire.
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    Looks interesting, had not heard anything about airless tires in a while.

    Yeah Dan I did not have much luck with the airless tires I tried out. I still have those tires I can't even give them away.

    Technology only improves so I wonder how well they will do. I guess we will find out in good time.

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    For my 3rd time registration of DMV Off Highway Vehicle, the motorcycle they call my bike without pedals and a gas engine, I will be on the 5th and 6th year legal for another 2 years into the future.

    Never had a flat on either tire in more than 4 years. I just bought my first Kevlar Bead Fold Up type tire I can carry in my backpack.

    I am going to test the fold up tire out and then swap back old metal bead tire. I just want to be sure it works or get my $15 dollars back from Wally World.

    These even more new fangled wheel / tires combo, without air are something I'll probably look at in maybe a decade from now, seeing how I just found out about folding tires.

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