Escape from Berkeley


Sep 8, 2008
HEY GANG- I just wanted to share this with you. I belong to the Locost car club on the net. We are all building clones of the Lotus 7 sportscar from the 60's. One of our members, Jack McCornack, a larger-than-life innovator that runs Kinetic Vehicles in Utah, built one with a Kubota 3-cylinder tractor diesel, 32 it. He has rigged it to run on cooking oil. The race was 700 mi. from Berkeley California. They had to run on non-peroleum fuel and had to scrounge it in route. They were allowed 1 gallon or equivelant to get underway. One guy was gassifying wood and running his pickup truck on hydrogen and carbon monoxide from heating the wood. Jack's smelled like frenchfrys and the other guy said he craved barbeque. The other 8 fell by the wayside.. Jack won $5000 for their effort. He finished 3 hrs befoe #2 He is going for the $10,000,000 prize for 100mpg at highway speeds next year. You would enjoy googling Jack. If you saw the 007 movie where they flew a 200 mph swing-wing glider, Jack is the one that designed and built it, as well as manufacturing the Pteridactal hang glider for several years. You would also enjoy googling the "escape from berkeley" reports from google. All the best to you-
Keith(trackfodder) Williams (^)

Goat Herder

Gutter Rider
Apr 28, 2008
Man that car sounds good don't care at all if somone thought the sleek look of that car was funny I'am all ready nerded out for the last 4000 mile on a china. Realy cool story thax. As for the china never tired of this Dog LOL(^)