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    ok # 1 .. I'm an outta workenvironmental Tech, that due to the cost plus factor cannot afford a (loddy-Da ) environmentally correct, yupped our, name droppin' electric bike (wah, Wah); too bad (perhaps i should plant a tree?, or better still cut one down to keep warm??

    #2 ..But really lookin to buy ..a (2 cycle-49cc-shyhawk) mounted on a Schwinn Delmar Cruiser;

    #3 .. understand its got very few miles, but rev's high .. and seems to konk-our with lowering the idle, too much ... just lookin for a bit of an alternative
    to my rav4 .. don't care about goin too fast at all ..and all that bicycle hemet stuff

    # 4 ****(ANY ADVICE WELL HEEDED)*** haven't even seen the darn thing yet ( a cut off switch) might do me well .. if the throttle idle starts revin' to high .. Now all this started outta a bout just buyin' a cruiser, hmmm
    now i goota be concerned about distinct possibilities crackin' my head open further brain damage ... caused by a (runnaway schwinn motor bike) ??
    what would you'all do??

    ps (haven't bought this runnin' motor bike yet) , & (like any other new venture .. its a lookin' to be a project ..right away or down the line ..
    as it stands the fellow wanted $200.00zpt .. & i'll be pickin' it up for -round
    ($100.00) less its a cantakerous dog from the get go ??
    Wadda you'all think?? ..aka ..rhyth
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    Welcome to the Forum!Aka Rhyth! I know a Lefty Rhyth.He doesn't know which way is up! any relation?
    First off!
    Those(loddy Da's) can get pricey!
    #2 Stay away from the tree's they can hurt you.Well maybe you should sneak up on one and try hugging it! Not to low though(dog's and all)
    #3 That explain's everything!
    #4 My advice would be to take a slice of cheeze you know the kind that has the plastic on it,peel it and hold it between your knees.
    #5 Next if you can go buy that $200 cantakerous dog for $100 before he get's that cheeze from between your knee's Buy it.Don't worry about any brain damage I think your all set there!
    I hope I answered all your questions?
    If not I'm sure someone else will jump in and explain it better than me!
    There's alot of member's here that are more educated than I am about these thing's!
    Good Luck Widdat! Wordup!
    [email protected]
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    Welcome to the forum.(^) The only thing I seam remember about trees is the hide behinds. Those shadows that every time you turn your head fast to check seam to hide behind them. So I am not much help there.lol:D

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