engine revs way to high and accelerates without me using throttle


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Aug 17, 2020
well a few days ago my 2 stroke bike kit had oil spraying from the exhaust head gasket in a thin mist so i decided to use some permatex motoseal to reseal the gasket, while i was doing that i decided to also use the gasket maker on the intake gasket as it hasn't been replaced since i bought the kit .so i waited 24 hours and when i went to ride today i found that the engine was revving wayyy to high after it warmed up and moving on its own without me giving any throttle i adjusted the idle screw on my nt carb it worked fine for a while but when the engine warmed up even more i had the same issue again and even when i try to turn off the engine using the killswitch it wouldn't turn off and i would have to come to a complete stop and let go of the clutch for it to stall and turn off. i'm not sure if this is a throttle cable problem because the problem would come and go at times or if it is a air leak that may have occurred when i used the motoseal. has anyone had this same problem??


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May 1, 2011
Newnan,Georgia U.S.A.
Using a o-ring inside the carb as a seat is probably the best way to seal it, try pushing the carb against the intake while tightening, often that works.