Engine alignment Huasheng Schuffy



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Jul 31, 2016
Hi, I'm having difficulty getting my engine an trans to line up on the Schuffy(Schwinn/Huffy). Problem is it's been out of line since I got the kit. I've had it on both frames an it seems to be be crooked a little. Still runs an rides. But I feel if I could get the alignment straighter it would help taking off an climbing hills. I have to use my tensioners positioning to keep the chain aligned with the sprocket. So that the chain doesn't kick off. I have the Huasheng engine an basic mounting plate. But for a smoother roll an alignment of the chain I'm seriously considering drilling custom mount holes. I've order a new chain an 38 tooth sprocket. And by the time I get them. I want my alignment to be perfect. I've managed to reach a wicked 62kph(38mph) with my crooked alignment an 44 tooth sprocket. But I've had a few chain pop offs an need to seriously consider straightening out the last few kinks in my final product. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Aug 2, 2010
Ya you might have to dill out the holes on the on the mounting plate so you can position the engine correctly . Put one bolt in and snug it up. Now rotate engine til straight look in empty holes on engine base to see what's up. You should be able to mark and then drill out holes that are not in line.