ECO Question - Electric vs Gas

Discussion in 'Motorized Bicycle General Discussion' started by Gus PDX, Feb 28, 2012.

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    I agree 100% with you ibedayank Like I said I would never build an electric bike.
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    This is right on the money in my opinion also, Aleman nailed it here.

    All I would like to add is that Volcanos and other types of natural ''polution'' probably add more toxic gases into the air in 2 minutes time than all of the motorized bikes do over this entire planet do in a year or more.

    I just flat out refuse to ''drink the cool-aid'' on about 99% of this man made global warming mess, I know we can do harm with some of the highly toxic chemicals man has created, but the exhaust from a little 66cc china girl ain't gonna make any difference whether we have them or not.

    Scientist know that 1000's of gallons of crude oil leak up into our Oceans from the Ocean floor daily and has been for 100's or 1000's of years, I have no fear of my gas powered bike hurting anything on this planet.

    Now if it's found out that all along without us realizing it that in fact flies do cause garbage, then I'll get more concerned...LOL

    Get you a gas powered set up, put it together right, keep it quite as you can if that will please your locals, enjoy the ever living crap out of it and sleep good at night knowing that you aren't hurting a darn thing, and you're having a lot less impact on natural resources than the critical Joe Blow next door, who keeps his house to warm, uses to much hot water, flushes toxic laundry soap into the drain, puts toxic weed killer on his yard, toxic bug killer in and outside his house and probably has at least one car or truck that uses many times more resources than you're gas bike ever could in it's life time.

    Either way is ok if chosen based on simple preference, but when we start picking the winner or the looser based on which is greener, I get all wrinkled up and say, forget the which is ''greener'' business and just go with what best meets your needs and/or desires plain and simple, I would use an electric scooter maybe for runing up to the mail box and back which is about 200 yards but for nothing else, just my preference on the matter.

    Best wishes on whatever you choose and just have fun and ride safe.

    Just my $0.02 nothing more, nothing less........!

    Peace, map

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    A good Saddle Horse costs about 16.00 a day to keep. A Gas MB gets around 130 - 155 MPG, @ 4.00 a gallon. An electric bike gets 25 miles or better. per charge. Most of the time the Gasoline engine is cheaper per mile. (c)
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    I think that's a good synopsis Mabman and I agree. BTW, I find it interesting what you've concluded with FD. If I remember right you used to think differently on that, no?
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