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    I've ridden and owned a nice chunk m/c history for over 30 years. If it was built before 1981 you name it, I've probably ridden it. At least back to 1950 models or so.

    Work has me in NYC for many years although my home is So CA.

    NYC is insane commuting to work so I got into standup electric Scooters and eventually added electric bike conversions to my "anti-MTA" arsenal.

    Been a member of ES (endless sphere) for a while and although I didn't participate (next year?) the 2011 DR got me checking this site out and I like it a lot.

    Dave's a great ambassador for MB's and I hope to get to know more great folks into motorized bicycles. Just because I use electric doesn't mean we don't share a lot of similar challenges and pleasures, eh?

    Enough rambling - I normally ride 6 days per week sometimes twice same day about 8 miles round trip for an average 60 miles per week. Plus whatever pleasure riding I do in between...

    All best...

    Here's a few photos of my NY/CA stuff - I now ride the Cannondale 98% of the time. Kickbikes are awesome for simplicity and ease of use around pedestrian areas.

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    Welcome to Motorbicycling.com ykick, glad you joined us.

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