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Discussion in 'The Tavern' started by Chaz, Dec 11, 2016.

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    Your computer makes changes without your consent. I fired up my laptop to check mail etc. and find that google chrome look and settings have changed. I tried to remedy by restoring back to yesterday but it didn't work.

    I hate having to dig into settings to put things back the way I liked them. These pretzels are making me angry.

    Down with updates I say. It almost always means you have to re-configure and get no real benefit at all.

    Sometimes I daydream about making a stone axe and using it to smash a computer to bits.

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    I agree 100%. Updates should not be automatic or done without my consent. If they are then they should be done without the need to change things you're used to.

    What really gets me fired up is when they change things around so you have to search for what you're used to using. It would be the same if someone sneaks into your workshop and rearranges all of your tools. You come in to work and can't find anything.

    Adobe Photoshop is famous for this. They automatically download 'updates' to my program and then the next time I need to use it I find all my tools are in different places and a couple of times they have even eliminated a tool or changed its function. Damn, that pi$$es me off.


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    Sometimes they have a video to welcome you to the new changes. I have Thunderbird email an a tool bar up top gets now covered 1/3 by the top of the window. I guess I'll send an email or check with user group for answer.

    They also changed so some of the tool bar icons are now not there and you take a few more steps to get the same function. I'd hope that it is just a setting to switch to get the icons back to make it easier.

    If for security reasons you may not want to roll back to an earlier version.

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