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Dec 26, 2011
33755 Clearwater Florida
So i have an extra Intake manifold siting in the junk box's, and i got a wild hair you know where and decided to try something on my junker bike :) ''test bike''

and so i took the stock manifold and Where it comes off the cylinder wall and goes upward then makes a bend to level out the carb, and i cut it off before it starts too angle,

making the gas coming out of the carb drop straight down into the engine RIGHT as it exits the carb rather than the mili second more it takes too travel in a stock intake, i guess its similar to a shorty billet intake i've seen around,

But at an angle that makes the gas reach the intake port of the cylinder Faster, Granted that this Also allowed the carb too leak, so What i did was i took a set of stock NT carb gaskets i had in the junk box,

And doubled up the gaskets and tightened her back down, witch stopped the leakage From the angle it sat at,

The end result Was an increase of only about 2-3 mph according too my handle bar digi metor, but the throttle response showed an amazing difference it reacted at Nearly the Exact milli second that the throttle was touched,

Over all i have only put down about 8 miles on the bike with this crazy mod that no one would expect too work, But so far so good,

i expect too encounter some flooding and / or some leakage from the gaskets eventually as i know these carbs are not meant too work at this angle Due too the Float not being level

like i said a Wild hair you know where, it was a stupid idea that in my honest opinion Should Not have Worked at all, but the end result after 8 miles is More than Exciting for me,

as i have been thinking about paying the 50-70 pluse shipping for a good dellorto or replica Carb, cause the stock NT carb as relible as it is and loved by many it also does not dilever very good throttle response,

And this mod cost me nothing but 7 minutes of time 2 too look for spare parts and 5 too hack through the intake pipe with a hack saw blade and no handle Lol, Trailer park tweaker mod!, PS. im not in a trailer!

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