did you ever notice



minor bike philosopher
Jan 15, 2008
north carolina
If there is only one metric bolt like yours in the whole town, you will lose it or wring it off. But if you buy one extra, you can't throw away the first one. It's perverse I tell you.

Now the newest example. I was worried about my chain never staying tight at all. And everyone kept telling me that the roller without the bearings was a disaster waiting to happen. So I decided to add a couple of lengths to the motor chain and buy a bearing roller.

I forced the chain over tight so I could secure the rear wheel better in the groove. Just temporarily till the chain tensioner arrived.

WEllllll it arrived but the extra links I have coming won't arrive for a couple of more days. Meantime I have ridden the bike three or four times and guess what..

You guessed it, the chain has done perfectly. Both of them actually.

I tell you that bike is out to get me. It's just plain perverse.